An analysis of the movie thelma and louise

Thelma doesn't have to leave home to meet her "psycho-killers. The usurpation of the woman's body has been central to patterns of representation in cinema.

'Thelma & Louise' Turns 25: Looking Back at the Most Feminist Scenes in the Movie

Once they leave their home and community for the expanse of the open road events conspire to alter their characters. However, switching the gender of those acting out violence has created wide debate both for and against, even though the same violence is traditionally acceptable when played out by a male protagonist.

The location of the scene is in a car park. Repression is required to dispel this, so images of masculinity are juxtaposed with images of violence.

In conclusion, the masculine genres featured in this film are proved to be malleable when a reversal of gender takes place.

Lena, a waitress, tells Hal, a cop, that neither Louise nor Thelma is the murdering type; she could not even believe a woman is capable of such a crime as well. D steals the money that Louise left on the night table in the hotel room where they were staying.

However, the western is also defined by its mise-en-scene and this allows filmmakers freedom to explore different themes. Themes are often subtle and subjective.

By applying a Freudian analysis to the story, we can personify the characters to the different psychic zones. To begin with, the psychic zone referred to as the Id is known to be entirely unconscious. It's the Journey that Matters February 18th, There could be a bit of a race for top spot next weekend, but it is possible that neither new release will be the winner.

As the film picks up its pace, we see that the "psychos" are "simply" men, men who desire them, fear them, need them, or hate them. Film Quarterly, 45 2 The Id consists of the impulsive part of a personality structure that holds the basic drives such as food, sex and aggressiveness.

Louise could be considered masculine, as she is the more independent of the two, living alone and working.

Dissecting the feminist legacy of Thelma & Louise

For example, they show us that people, men included, who take care of children will eventually learn to become good mothering people--think of KRAMER VS.

Rather than being typical quiet, unaggressive women, these two challenges gender expectations by breaking out from their normal lives and hitting the road.

This married life became a prison to Thelma, with Darryl being the warden. Near the end of this episode, the two girls are being hunted down by the police in a wild car chase and they decide to drive off the edge of the Grand Canyon. The opening shot turns from black and white to colour; perhaps signifying an update from an old genre to a new revised one.

It's just two days An audience familiar with traditional Hollywood films would be aware that spaces are gendered: She too rejects commitment. The cumulative effect of these intrusions is to convince us that men absolutely will not leave these women alone.

Unfortunately, even though Thelma and Louise are awake and love their freedom, their exhilaration, it's still hard for them to fully let go of men. When Louise and Thelma are cornered by the police and FBI on the edge of the Grand Canyon, the gals make a conscious choice to drive off the cliff.

Furthermore, the Ego employs defense mechanisms when id behavior clashes with reality and societal morals and norms. However, it could also be argued that movement itself is gendered. Plus one of our prizes this week is a road trip movie, so its the target film for this week's contest.

The camera angle used is a medium close up.A Reading of Thelma and Louise" in Film Theory Goes to the Movies. allowing our heroes to escape with a minimum of effort in contrast to the impossible maneuvers we. 2 In sum, Thelma & Louise has been viewed and analyzed as: ‐‐A Road Movie (a particularly American film type, by the way) ‐‐A Buddy Film ‐‐A “Lovers on the Run” Film ‐‐A Female Revenge Film.

Thelma and louise essay.

Thelma and Louise Movie Analysis Essay

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Thelma & Louise () IMDb min R Subtitles and Closed Captions In one of the greatest road movies of all time, Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon ride to everlasting fame as two women who embark on a crime spree across the American southwest. Jan 01,  · “Thelma & Louise” is in the expansive, visionary tradition of the American road picture.

It celebrates the myth of two carefree souls piling into a T-Bird and driving out of town to have some fun and raise some hell. We know the road better than that, however, and we know the toll it exacts /5.

Thelma's husband, Darryl (Chris McDonald), is an overbearing oaf, and Louise's boyfriend, Jimmy (Michael Madsen), simply will not commit. Though the road trip starts out as a good time, the pair eventually wind up at a bar.

An analysis of the movie thelma and louise
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